What is IV Therapy? Who is it for? How We Can HELP!

IV Therapy, also known as intravenous therapy, is the management of delivering nutrients and hydration directly right into the bloodstream for quick absorption and use by the body.

IV Therapy is the fastest method to deliver nutrients throughout the body. It bypasses the gastrointestinal system and goes directly right into the organs, resulting in a 90-100% absorption price (in contrast to only 20-50% possible orally).

With virtually half of U.S. workers experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression (according to CNBC), it’s not a coincidence there is a growing requirement for preventative and healing IV vitamin facilities that assist in boosting energy levels and boosting the immune system.

Although the media depicts IV Therapy as the most up-to-date wellness craze preferred amongst worried metropolitan specialists, professional athletes, and Hollywood stars, the technique has existed for centuries.

Brief History Of IV Therapy

IV Therapy is nothing brand-new in the clinical area; neither is it an insane fad. Several physicians first tried and succeeded in infusing medicines right into veins in the 1600s; however, the practice of IV transfusions was abandoned by English Parliament in 1668 and the Vatican in 1669 because of poor hygiene.

By World War, IV Therapy came to be a lifesaving treatment; however, it had not been till the 1960s, when Dr. John Myers created a world-famous cocktail of nutrients. Then, the intravenous vitamin treatment we understand today started to take form truly.

Who Would Benefit From IV Treatment?

Initially, intravenous nutrients were made primarily in healthcare facilities for dehydrated, nutrient-deficient, or incapable of taking drugs orally.
These days, somewhat healthy people can improve their health and power levels from IV Vitamin Treatment.

The anxiety of modern-day living can reduce your immune system and essential wellness: IV Therapy can consider that much-needed increase, making it a practical and practical alternative.

While stress alone does not create us to catch a cool or an influenza virus, it damages the body’s immune system’s capacity to reply to viruses, leaving us more at risk of infection and illness.
So, if you wish to increase your immunity, change shed liquids and electrolytes after a night on the town, or support recovery from high-performance sports– IV Vitamin Treatment can aid in restoring your body’s nutrient degrees to their optimum state.

Anxiety is one of the most common factors individuals pertain to us for therapy. As a result, most of our clients pick the Myers Cocktail IV and Resistance Booster IV therapies to help them feel energized and boost their resistance.

What Is the Process of IV Therapy?

Although the procedure of IV therapy involves placing a needle right into the arm or somewhere else on the body, the minor discomfort is just really felt when the IV first penetrates the skin.
Before the treatment, all clients have their medical history assessed. Then, if required, a blood test is necessary to ensure the correct amount of nutrients is infused right into the body.

Once the consultation is over, you continue to our brilliant IV Therapy area and are seated right into a comfortable chair to start the treatment. The rate and amount of intravenous liquid given depend on each customer’s medical condition, weight, and age.

A qualified medical professional or a registered nurse will then disinfect the skin over the injection area, usually, on your arm, locate a blood vessel and place an IV catheter.
When the catheter remains in location, the procedure will certainly take between 15-45 minutes, relying on the kind of treatment (IV Drip or IV Push).

During this moment, the only point you require to do is loosen up. You can watch TV, reviewed a magazine, and even nap.

IV Push and IV Drip – 2 Main Types of IV Therapy

There are two significant types of IV Therapy, called IV Push and also IV Drip.

The primary differences are the period of the therapy and also the quantity of injected liquids.

Both IV Press and IV Drip treatments permit 90-100% vitamin absorption.

What is an IV Drip?

An IV drip is an intravenous treatment gradually infused into the bloodstream via a plastic catheter put into the capillary.

A small plastic tube (catheter) is put right into a vein, using a needle removed as soon as the plastic tube is inserted into your capillary.

IV Drips are executed for 45-60 mins, as well as an average of 250-1000 ml of liquids are infused per session.

Throughout a drip, clients can read, work or relax.

What is an IV Push?

An IV Push is slowly supervised right into a vein via a previously placed plastic catheter.

IV Push is done for 15-20 mins, and an overall of 30-60 ml of fluids are gradually pushed right into a vein.

Due to the nature of the process, IV Pushes are overseen by specialists at all times.


What Vitamin Cocktails Are Used in IV Therapy?

Frequently seen active ingredients in an IV vitamin treatment are Vitamin C, the B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

IV vitamin leaks might likewise consist of amino acids and antioxidants, such as glutathione.

Vitamins infusions can contain a solitary vitamin– such as Vitamin C– or a mixed nutrients drink.

What Are the Most Common IV Vitamin Cocktail Drips?

  • Myers Cocktail IV Drip Myers Cocktail is a combination of many nutrients in one infusion. By providing the solution intravenously, a higher concentration levels of essential vitamins and minerals are utilized than if taken orally and absorbed in the GI tract.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Drip Alpha lipoic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in most tissues. It functions as a powerful antioxidant, heavy metal chelator, and co-factor in the Kreb’s Cycle where usable energy is generated from the foods we eat.
  • NAD+ Anti-ageing IV Therapy This contains Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is an essential enzyme present in all human cells. Its primary function is to repair damaged cells and reverse the effects of oxidisation in the body.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide IV Infusion A drip that combines essential fluids, vitamins and minerals that have been found to lower your toxic load. Toxins are stored in fat cells, which makes it harder for you to lose weight.
  • Glutathione IV Drip Glutathione is composed of three amino acids (the building blocks of protein) involved in making and repairing DNA and protein, transporting other amino acids, and the breakdown of toxins and carcinogens.

What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

One of the main benefits of IV Therapy is fast, more effective results without gastrointestinal side effects, absorption issues, or loss of potency.

The process allows the nutrients to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system allowing you to have more energy, think more clearly, and enjoy a better mood.

The benefits will differ depending on the condition treated, the protocol used, the client’s overall health, and how many treatments are need by patient. Some reported benefits include:

  • Stronger immunity (warding off a cold or flu)
  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased sports recovery time
  • More energy
  • Improved concentration and mental focus
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved jetlag
  • Improved hangover
  • Reduced instances of migraines
  • Boosted fertility and hormonal imbalance
  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced signs of aging

How Long Does the IV Therapy Effects Last?

Typically, the effects become entirely noticeable after the 12 – 24 hours after infusion, although many people report feeling better right after treatment.

The effects last for eight days to 3 weeks depending on the condition, cocktail, and type of IV Therapy.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Today, the administration of intravenous fluids via IV infusion is familiar and generally safe. Still, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, which can increase the risk of adverse effects.
If you have any medical condition, it is always advised to consult with your doctor before treatment to avoid any complications.

Also, because of the puncture of your skin – there’s a risk of infection. Although the risk of skin or blood infection is unlikely, it’s important to only consult with a qualified medical professional who ensures a safe and healthy vitamin infusion.

At Revitalize Health Solutions, every patient will have a thorough medical assessment with our medical director Michelle Thomas APRN, FNP-C, before any treatment. Revitalize Health Solutions can also perform a comprehensive diagnostic test to assess the levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients in a body and customize the cocktails accordingly.

Important Points to Consider When Preparation an IV Therapy

If you have a specific medical condition, you should talk with your medical care physician to see if IV Vitamin Treatment is right for you.

 Always make sure that the doctor you’re getting IV vitamin therapy from is certified and understands all your health and wellness problems and worries.

 You must do your research about the center before booking a consultation. The controlled clinic needs to have detailed clinical analysis in position before removing you for the treatment.

 Medical professionals must ask about your medical history, medications, and allergic reactions and either deny or designate you.

 You should never really feel rushed, and also, a nurse needs to discuss what’s being done to you in any way times.

When unsure, do not hesitate to request credentials. Select your center sensibly.

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