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Dr. Christopher Gleis and Michelle Thomas (APRN FNP-C) have come together to build an integrative and functional medicine practice that combines each of their specialties at Revitalize Health Solutions.

“We want each patient to achieve the best possible outcome, whether it’s disease prevention, anti-aging, or regenerative health and healing, we are committed to achieving long-term results,” said Dr. Gleis.

Dr. Gleis has an extensive background in anesthesiology, musculoskeletal pain management, and regenerative medicine.

Michelle Thomas is an advanced practice registered nurse specializing as a family nurse practitioner and has extensive experience in emergency medicine and psychiatric medicine and is a certified functional medicine practitioner. She specializes in all areas of functional medicine including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, mold-toxicity, Lyme disease, and autoimmune conditions.

Both providers have an incredible passion for the functional and integrative approach to medical diagnostics, particularly discovering the root cause of difficult and long-standing medical issues. Restoring wellness and preventing illness are the ultimate successes for each Revitalize Health Solutions patient.





Weight Loss Is Not
Just about
Calories and Exercise!

Our multi-modal approach allows us to identify underlying causes of weight gain, promoting the loss of unwanted weight as well as drastically improving overall health.

  • Access to the latest medical-grade supplements and treatments
  • 25+ years’ combined professional experience
  • Long-term results


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